What have the Conservative party fought to conserve?

To my conservative friends, family, and acquaintances: Please stop supporting the Tory party. They may call themselves Conservatives, but they are are NOT right-wing, they are NOT capitalist, and they are definitely NOT conservative. What people call themselves doesn’t automatically reflect what they actually are. For example, East Germany under communist rule was officially called the German Democratic Republic.

As left-wing politics embodies progressive societal change and increasing governmental reach, so right-wing politics means conserving societal traditions and minimising governmental intervention. Generally speaking.

Notice that the Tories make no effort to conserve societal traditions. They happily sell out to whatever popular ideas seem to appeal to the masses, principles of conservatism be damned. They are not in favour of minimising governmental intervention either, as they expend more and more money and political effort on interventionist social programs that give government more legal control over families and children than parents and relatives have. The only ideologies embraced by the Tory party under David Cameron are tax cuts and privatisation. But please realise that privatisation of public services is not right-wing or capitalist. Such practice is either corrupt abuse of power, plain irresponsibility, or outright inept stupidity. Proper right-wing ideas of minimising government intervention is very different from eliminating government involvement – every sensible political party, (even the most minimal or right-wing ones) recognise that government should be in charge of running public services, not selling the monopoly off to the highest bidder.

As the Conservative party is no longer right-wing, there isn’t a single right-wing party left in the UK. In a political climate where the people have lost grasp of the traditional understanding of ‘left’ and ‘right’, all that politicians from the major parties do is make populist appeals in attempts to grab power, regardless of consequences.

Since every major political party is either left-wing or simply not right-wing, what options are true conservatives left with?

Personally, I support UKIP. Not because they are right-wing, because they are not (nor are they left-wing either). I support UKIP because they are the only party who is not afraid to confront us with the hard truths, take a stand on tough decisions, and put forward pragmatic policies regardless of whether they sound right-wing or left-wing. But if you absolutely have to place them on the political spectrum, you can only place them as centrist, which embodies pragmatism rather than political ideologies. The only ideology that drives them is national independance from the EU. And who can fault them for it?

What do I gain from supporting UKIP? Nothing. Instead, I lose out on a lot of popular esteem, but thankfully that’s something I care less and less about with each passing year.

What would you as a nation gain from national sovereignty? Well, that’s up to you to decide. That’s what it means to be independent. That’s always been what UKIP has always wanted. Independance.

I know that no party is perfect, but if you keep buying the lie that UKIP are racist despite not being able to substantiate any racist policies, I’m afraid I won’t be able to take you seriously. Learn to think independently from the masses. Examine the policies and history of the party before you arrive at unwarranted conclusions.

And in case you think I only support UKIP because I’m some dumb right-wing racist nutjob – bear in mind that I am an immigrant who has never supported UKIP before, and I’ve even had communist leanings growing up. Go on, ask me how I envision a egalitarian utopia would work.


Author: Hoong-Wai

I am a sinner. I care about people, and truth, and justice. I have an interest in dancing, economics, engineering, philosophy, and science.

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