My support of Corbyn

This may be surprising, but I actually support Jeremy Corbyn on many, if not most, of the issues he’s brought up. The only subjects I would disagree with him on are his ideas on economics, and on nuclear disarmament, and even then it’s only in specific areas. Even if I don’t fully support his ideas, I heartily commend the man on his integrity in sticking to his principles, his approach to parliamentary debate, and his attitude in not pandering to sound-bites a la David Cameron.

A few examples of ideas that I support Corbyn in:
-opposing the Tories’ desire to dismantle and sell off the NHS.
-opposing Cameron’s drive to contribute to the war effort in Syria,
-the idea that war should be the last resort after all other options have been exhausted.
-opposing the Tories’ austerity programme during a recession.
-proposing a “people’s Quantitative Easing” programme – direct investment in infrastructure rather than manipulating banks’ monetary policy.
-supporting his party’s MP’s right to vote based on individual conscience rather than whipping them into the party line.
-the renationalising the railways.

Yet, I keep finding myself in open and vehement disagreement with his supporters. Why is that?

Well, I’m afraid that’s simply my reaction to the arguments being presented by his supporters. If they have good arguments, I will concede the point. But if their arguments are unreasonable or inconsistent, I’m going to point them out, politeness be damned. And don’t even get me started on how often they appeal to empty emotional rhetoric.

If you’re going to oppose someone, do it properly. Don’t cry foul on something that’s perfectly legitimate. It makes it hard to take you seriously. And don’t get all indignant if you lose the argument.

Most importantly: just because I criticise your ideas, doesn’t mean I support your enemies. It certainly doesn’t mean I hate you.

I will continue to criticise lefties and engage in debate because:
1) I know most lefties mean well
2) most conservatives don’t take criticism personally
3) some die-hard Tories just aren’t worth reaching out to

But the reason I have a preference for supporting UKIP are twofold:
1) they wish to leave the EU, and are able to present darn good reasons in support of it.
2) they have a better grip on economics.


Author: Hoong-Wai

I am a sinner. I care about people, and truth, and justice. I have an interest in dancing, economics, engineering, philosophy, and science.

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