The ethical argument for Remaining in the EU

You may think that I have nothing good to say about the Remain in EU cause. Maybe that I am not even willing to consider any argument in support of the EU. Well, you would be wrong. The strongest argument I have ever heard in favour of the UK remaining a part of the EU is an ethical one. It goes like this…

UK’s membership of the EU is good for the EU. It’s political contributions and monetary contributions help to bring the EU into a good place. I’ve heard the argument go that the British have a strong sense of traditionalism and scepticism (read – conservatism) that keeps the EU in check, and that the financial contributions from its growing economy will greatly benefit other EU member states, as well as encouraging the growth of EU influence. Thus the UK’s membership of the EU is not for the benefit of the UK, but rather for the benefit of Europe.

Though this argument is ethically sound, I cannot support it.

The reason is that this argument requires the British as a nation commits a self-sacrificial act. I will never vote in favour of such a notion. Self-sacrifice must always be voluntary, never coerced through the force of the majority. I staunchly believe in individual liberties, the freedom to choose to do good, rather than being forced into it. Perhaps this is why I am sometimes identified as a right-wing conservative.


Author: Hoong-Wai

I am a sinner. I care about people, and truth, and justice. I have an interest in dancing, economics, engineering, philosophy, and science.

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