Why I don’t believe the MPs

With the seeming majority Parliamentary members siding on the side of Remain(ing in the EU), you would think that such a decision is a no-brainer, wouldn’t you? With the economic argument, the threat of a hit to the economy on their side, it would seem daft to oppose EU membership. But I don’t believe them. How? Am I so cocksure and stubborn that I think I know better than professional politicians?

Here’s the thing – someone who is in the know would be able to easily trot out a string of valid arguments that are grounded in evidence, as well as justify them against any attempt at refutation. But the arguments coming out of the Remain side are not only weak – they are in direct opposition to general sensibility and to tried and tested economic models. I am not a professional economist, but I know enough to smell bovine excrement when it’s put in front of me.

A few examples….

Example 1: "The value of the pound would fall"

Every economist who is interested in the economic growth of the country would actually cheer if this result was to be achieved. A fall in the value of the pound literally makes it more expensive to buy outside the UK, so domestic spending increases – a win for the economy. It would also reduce the cost of British products to international customers, increasing exports, another win for the economy. A weaker pound makes investing in UK businesses cheaper for foreign investors, a third win for the economy. The only people who should worry about the value of the pound falling are those who wish to take their British money and spend it outside the country. Whether they are tourists, expats, or maybe even high net worth individuals squirreling away money in offshore accounts, these patterns represent a insignificant minority of British spending.

Example 2: "We need to work together to solve international problems"

And that is absolutely true, and even every Brexiter would agree with this statement. Except Remainers are using it to argue for political union with a top-down umbrella organisation who seeks to govern an entire continent with no opposition. International cooperation does not require such sacrifice of democratic accountability.

Example 3: "We trade with the EU"

Of course you do, and why are you being threatened with the cessation of this when trade is not the responsibility of governments? Many argue that the trade with EU would reduce because of increased EU tariffs, but they ignore the fact that outside the EU, tariffs wouldn’t apply to trade with international customers. This means that whilst trade with the EU would fall, trade outside the EU would increase!

Example 4: "We would lose the freedom of movement"

Yes, but you wouldn’t move the right to travel to EU countries or the right to settle there. You would retain these rights simply by applying for the relevant travel or settlement documents, just as you would going anywhere else in the world.

Enough examples.

I could go on and on with many more examples, and indeed I have done so previously in my blog as well as elsewhere. The point is, if leaving the EU was really so detrimental, they would be able to come up with arguments and evidence that Joey-Nobody like me wouldn’t be able to refute so easily.

In the meantime, the same Mr Nobody like me has listened to all the Leave arguments, and have discovered that none of the Remain camp are even bothering to acknowledge these arguments, much less refute them. For instance, the only response to legitimate concerns regarding immigration levels so far has been “racism is evil”. This not only outright denies the problem that constituents are bringing up, it even accuses the very people they are supposed to represent of being evil! Is this the best that the established political elite have to offer??

For this reason, I don’t trust politicians. I don’t claim to know everything, but I have been given critical faculties by the almighty creator. By these faculties, I have critically examined and investigated every claim and argument put forward by both Leave and Remain. I will grant that the hyperbole of the Leave camp is unjustified, but this pales in contrast to the outright lies and deceptions being put forward by the Remain camp.

I am absolutely certain that there are good reasons for Remaining in the EU. I have even done some personal investigation to uncover some of these reasons for myself – reasons that the Remain camp never even hint at. I am supporting Leave because the balance of arguments tip heavily in favour of Leave and against Remain.

Bottom line is:

Remain has lost the argument. The MPs have lost their credibility not because they support Remain, but because of the paucity of their arguments.


Author: Hoong-Wai

I am a sinner. I care about people, and truth, and justice. I have an interest in dancing, economics, engineering, philosophy, and science.

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