Brexit aftermath: The government

In addition to the win of the Leave vote, there was another event which was more pleasing to my ears – David Cameron announced his resignation. I have elsewhere complained much of my displeasure with Cameron’s leadership of the Tory party, so this news was very welcome indeed. However, this to me, is a pathetic act of cowardice on his part. He made the mess, he should clear it up.

David Cameron only promised a referendum for Brexit in order to win the general election of 2015. He first made the promise for the general election of 2010, but didn’t carry it through when he led the government. After the sweeping win of UKIP in the 2014 European Elections, he must have realised that he needed to placate the Eurosceptic sentiment somehow if he did not want a revolt of his party or his voters. So he took the gamble, and promised again the referendum to shore up voters from defecting to UKIP. It worked, his party won the 2015 general elections. But now he had to keep his promise if he wanted his party to sustain their lead. However, despite his desperate attempts at scaring the country, it looks like more voters chose not to believe him this time. His plan backfired.

Now instead of carrying out his duty in seeing through the consequences of his gamble, he has, in his shame, turned tail and ran away from it. I’m not surprised, it would have been disgraceful to face his contemporaries in the EU after doing such a bad job of messing up. This final action, to resign, will become his worst legacy. If he had decided to stay and lead his country through UK’s exit of the EU, he might still have maintained a modicum of dignity, of a person strong enough to carry out the results of democracy even if it went against his personal wishes.

Author: Hoong-Wai

I am a sinner. I care about people, and truth, and justice. I have an interest in dancing, economics, engineering, philosophy, and science.

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