I was wrong about a couple of things

​I was wrong. I am not afraid to admit it when I get things wrong.

I was wrong about the cowardice of the British voting public. I previously argued that the British public were gullible fools who voted for the Conservative government despite all the misery they brought the country and the lack of integrity they displayed in office. I now believe this previous judgement to be wrong. It seems the British public did not vote for the Conservatives because they believed the scaremongering of David Cameron. I think the voters put them in power because they were the only political party able to deliver on the promise of a referendum on EU membership. The sensibility of the British silent majority has given me great encouragement.

I think I was also wrong about the Tories and Theresa May. I previously though her a party loyal coward, but it appears that under her leadership, the Conservative party is willing to take bold steps to challenge the assumptions of the status quo and instate reforms to the education system. Is it enough? I have a lot more hope this time.

I argue my positions very strongly. Far too strongly for the tastes of most Brits (in my experience). But I am not afraid to admit when I get things wrong. This is such an instance. (Even if my declaration of it comes a little late!)

What else could I be wrong on? Time will tell. I eagerly look forward to learning from my mistakes.


Author: Hoong-Wai

I am a sinner. I care about people, and truth, and justice. I have an interest in dancing, economics, engineering, philosophy, and science.

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