Stupid immigration policies

I’m a UKIP and Brexit supporter, but government immigration policies are getting ridiculous.


As a UKIP and Brexit supporter, I do not necessarily agree with everything the party or movement advocate, but I do support the concept of immigration control.

But you know what, the current policies being implemented by the government is getting plainly ridiculous. Requiring landlords to investigate the background of their tenants in order to affirm that they have the right to reside??? It is going to make it a bureaucratic nightmare for both landlord and tenant everytime they move house or get a new tenant. This is going to really upset a lot of people in high tenant turnover areas like London. What this bureaucratic headache will do is encourage the growth of illegal letting. People are generally moral and want to do the right thing, but when doing the right thing is far more difficult than doing simply slipping in under the radar, more and more people will be inclined to sidestep due process. Everyone has different thresholds of how much they are willing to suffer in order to do the right thing, so the more work you require of them to do the right thing, the more likely they are to do the wrong thing!

I also have plenty of critique for the situation where a spousal visa requires that the resident spouse has a sufficient earning power to sponsor the immigrant spouse. Thus a working husband who wants to move to his wife’s home country in order to keep her close to her family is prevented from doing so unless she is employed, and rather gainfully at that. Immigration issues is more than just about money! Sure, the immigrant spouse should demonstrate the ability and desire to integrate and contribute. Sure, immigration should check against scam marriages. But why should there be a financial requirement at all?!? Immigration control is not about money!

Instead of making life difficult for all immigrants, why can’t the Border Force adequately control the immigration process? I have just learnt today that the immigration service doesn’t actually have definitive statistics on immigration and emigration. The ONS has to do a survey at all the ports of entry/departure, and then extrapolate the results of that survey. This is basically putting your finger into the wind! Surely the Home Office Border Force are able to keep track of the numbers of entry and exit? What’s the point of scanning the passport otherwise? Have they not heard of something called a database?

Of course I am not white nationalist (I’m not white). I think immigration should be easy where there is legitimate case for it. And at the same time, immigration controls should always be enforced. Free movement is just simply a no-go for me. We live in an age where countries have different laws, cultures and economic strengths. Borders are necessary to protect those all citizens from all countries being harmed by these differences – Free movement does not just hurt the richer countries, it also hurts the poorer countries.

Author: Hoong-Wai

I am a sinner. I care about people, and truth, and justice. I have an interest in dancing, economics, engineering, philosophy, and science.

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