ask me what I'm doing
No I’m not suicidal, nor am I trying to jump out the window.
I am a contrarian because I care about truth and justice.

Some people like arguing for the sake of it. They enjoy the cut and thrust of debate, the triumph of outwitting your opponent, and learning from the experience of it. I don’t. I HATE debate. But I get myself into arguments and debates all the time. This is because I care deeply about truth and fairness. To a fault. Many people like to indulge in a one-sided rant about a subject of which they have deep-seated feelings and opinions. That’s fine. But in doing so, they unfairly represent the side on which they are ranting about. I don’t care if this misrepresentation is deliberate, or done out of ignorance/limited knowledge. I just want people to care about truth and fairness, to consider the ‘other side’ charitably. It is this lack of consideration which leads to societal divisions, tribalism, political polarisation.I don’t claim to know everything. I don’t claim to be right. I don’t have all the solutions. But I wish for the sake of humanity that people start loving each other and listening to each other instead of railing against the other without care for what they think or feel. Every story has at least two sides to it. There’s also usually a third perspective – the untold truth.

Although I hold to my own set of dogmas (as everyone does), I am not afraid of new ideas. I welcome the voice of someone who disagrees with me. I want to know what people care about, I seek to learn their perspective. I always hope that this attitude is returned in kind, but alas this is not always so.


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